DiverSync is a netcast and podcast for scuba diving enthusiasts and anyone else interested in the underwater world. Listen and watch as your host, Rich Synowiec, a Professional Scuba Educator and thirty year veteran of the dive industry, talks about scuba diving, the diving industry and the underwater world. In each episode,  Rich will discuss scuba topics, travel, local adventures and things going on in the diving industry. Make sure you follow us on all our channels for the most up to date and regular content including these podcasts!


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New Year, New Stuff To Do
February 22, 2024
00:25:1323.1 MB

New Year, New Stuff To Do

We are chatting about scuba diving in the winter now that we are in a New Year with new diving opportunities. Rich talks about a dive in Salisbury Quarry off of private property, a winter, off season White Star Quarry Dive and more stuff going on. Rich also talks about a workshop for people to dive in the off season and work on their #12for12diver program.

Technical CCR Instruction and a Month in Bonaire
January 21, 2024
00:31:1228.57 MB

Technical CCR Instruction and a Month in Bonaire

In this episode Rich talks about his month in Bonaire teaching all levels of technical rebreather diving as well as spending time with his family. He also asks new divers and those people not sure they want to get into diving to comment on this program and talk about what is holding them back. Rich also talks about the "Facebook Brave" attitude some divers have on the internet when the...

DEMA 2023 Recap and a discussion of the Garmin Descent MK3 dive computer
November 30, 2023
00:22:0520.23 MB

DEMA 2023 Recap and a discussion of the Garmin Descent MK3 dive computer

Rich is back from DEMA 2023 which returned to New Orleans for the first time in about two decades. He is excited to talk about some of the new products and things that he learned and is especially excited to talk about the Garmin Descent Mk3 dive computers that he has been product testing for nearly a year with his family.

PADI Adventure App, DSMB Diving, Social media and scuba diving

PADI Adventure App, DSMB Diving, Social media and scuba diving

Rich Synowiec, host of the scuba diving podcast, discusses his efforts to improve the podcast by incorporating more video and visual elements. He acknowledges that other influencers in different industries have had more success with social media, but he is determined to make his podcast stand out. Rich explores various platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr ...

The PADI TEC60 CCR course and a return to Simplicity
October 09, 2023
00:36:2233.31 MB

The PADI TEC60 CCR course and a return to Simplicity

Rich switches gear with a return to a non-video podcast. He goes back the thing he knows best with an audio podcast. In this podcast, Rich talks about the past couple of weeks teaching the PADI Tec60CCR course at Lake Wazee and he also talks about watching people struggle with getting back into scuba diving after taking some time off. Rich chats about the changes to this podcast as well. He wants...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Munising, Michigan
July 29, 202300:39:0335.75 MB

Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Munising, Michigan

In this episode, Rich talks about the diving he did in Milwaukee, Wisconsin aboard the Molly V. Shipwrecks featured include the Prince Wilhelm aka "Willie" and the Milwaukee Car Ferry. Rich also takes us on a dive in the wrecks of Munising, Michigan aboard the Wreck Express. Shipwrecks featured include the Bermuda and the Smith Moore. Rich also tells a story about an anchor recovery he...


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April 05, 2023

The Rebooting of DiverSync

In late 2020 I did what I thought would be my final episode of this podcast.  It is still available in the archives on this page. ...

Curious About Me?

I have been in the diving industry for over 30 years.  I am a PADI Course Director, PADI Technical Diver Instructor Trainer, PADI Prism 2 Rebreather instructor, and a Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather Factory Certified Technician.  I am also a Dad and my wife and kids dive with me regularly.  I own and run many diving businesses including Divers Incorporated in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

I started this podcast in 2010 after being interviewed on another scuba podcast.  Since then I have talked about my life as a scuba instructor and dive shop owner on a regular basis.  In 2020 I took a break from podcasting and in 2023 brought it back as you see it today!

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A good insight into life from the perspective of a scuba professional! Though perhaps more relevant if you dive in the areas Rich Synowiec teaches and works in, there's a lot here to learn. The last few episodes of 2020 are a real insight into the challenges of running a dive business in one of the strangest years on record. Worth a listen if you're into scuba!


Great content from someone that really knows scuba diving! Rich dives a lot and works in the industry so he always has some great insight. Worthy of listening too if you have interest in scuba diving.


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