Regulator Updates, Traverse City, Dinner with a Relic from another age

Season 9 Episode 17

Rich talks about the weekend of diving with the Prism 2 last weekend. He also talks about at regulator service clinic he attended in Traverse City. Also in Traverse City, Rich had dinner with an old friend who was of his era and a shipwreck finder in another time. Sale discussion from this week followed by more diving.

Open Circuit vs. Rebreathers when Starting Tec

Season 9 Episode 13

Rich talks about another online thread that started with a question about Starting into technical diving. The individual asking the question stated he was going to start down the path to become a technical diver and wanted to know if he should go open circuit or CCR. Rich answered what he thought and the insanity ensued.

Dive Tables, Dinosaurs and PADI

Season 9 Episode 12

Rich talks about an online thread that argued for and against Dive tables when teaching Beginning open water divers. The answers were astonishing to him and gave him an insight into the industry that he really could not believe.