In late 2020 I did what I thought would be my final episode of this podcast.  It is still available in the archives on this page.   It had been a rough year and the idea of trying to keep things as normal seemed more daunting than I thought (at the time) It would be worth.  

You see Scuba Podcasting was still something unheard of.  Having done 10 year trying to figure it all out as I went with the help of people also trying to make it work seemed something destined to fail.  So when I missed my first week in over 10 years I decided to give it a rest. 

I did my last episode and the SCUBA PODCASTing world EXPLODED. Fast forward to my recent reboot I have been amazed at the process and the resources that are available to me.  This has truly been an eye opening experience.  While one of my personal mottos has been always move forward, looking back I realize I may have paused DiverSync and a most inopportune time.   So it is back.  I am trying to get it back to weekly podcasts, and while it is still a goal, it is really difficult to get my stride.  I am learning again, especially through the video pieces, how to make it more productive.  

If you have read the blogs this far you are probably willing to help.  Share this podcast page with friends, find us on Instagram and follow us there (the short videos are worth it) Find us on facebook and follow us and join the discussions.  One of the biggest things you can do is follow the podcast on youtube.  I am finding that a LOT of my images over the years have been stills, not video.  I have always wanted to be able to show my short videos and Youtube shorts and IG reels are amazing avenues to share my visuals with you.   Thank you for being a supporter and if you are one of the few people who have pestered me about bringing it back, I am sorry it took so long.