Random Diving Videos set to Epic Inspirational Orchestral Music  By Scott Buckley

Random Diving Videos set to Epic Inspirational Orchestral Music By Scott Buckley

Scott Buckley is an amazing artist Rich found while looking for music for his videos. The music is amazing and is awesome background music for whatever you may be doing. This is a video Rich put together with snippets from over 2 hours of dive time and exploration of different parts of the world. It was put together so that it could run in the store and when we found some creative commons music that was awesome it was put down as the soundtrack. This video was set up to look in Rich's store and many of the locations are talked about regularly on the podcasts. Locations include, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, Bonaire, Cabo San Lucas, White Star Quarry, Crystal River and Bonne Terre Mine

Music by Scott Buckley

Follow Scott Buckley:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5yD73...
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/scott_buckley
YouTube: / musicbyscottb
Twitter: https://twitter.com/musoscientific

**Music from Scott Buckley is royality free under CC BY 4.0
CC BY 4.0 is comparable to copyright free/royality free with one Condition, to credit Scott for his work.


00:00 A Kind of Hope
05:41 Resolutions
11:03 Artemis
16:38 Call to Adventure
20:58 Decoherence
31:14 Discovery
35:08 Dragons Lullaby
37:56 First Snow
41:24 Glow
44:36 Legionnaire 2022
47:44 Hymn to the Dawn
54:41 Juggernaut
58:24 Legacy
1:04:54 Path Through the Mountains
1:10:15 Permafrost
1:17:43 Adrift Among Infinite Stars
1:24:28 Castles in the Sky
1:28:16 In Search of Solitude
1:35:37 Into The Unknown
1:38:57 Maleficus
1:46:21 Race the Sun

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