Season 7, Episode 47 – DiverSync NetCast Talkshoe and the new website

Rich talks about this weeks battle with getting the new website up and running out of necessity since talkshoe is iffy at best.

Season 7 Episode 46 – DiverSync NetCast – Fortune Pond

Rich talks about a fantastic weekend in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he had the opportunity to dive a unique dive site that is super deep!


Season 7 Episode 45 – DiverSync NetCast – Epcot the Living Seas

Rich talks about DEMA and finishing it off with a dive with his kids in the living seas exhibit in EPCOT at Disney world.

Season 7 Episode 44 – DiverSync NetCast – DEMA

Rich has a bit of discussion about this weeks convention and the things he saw. Like everything diving related, what he saw was super cool.

Season 7 Episode 43 – DiverSync NetCast – Living History

Rich talks about Shipwrecks and Scuba and a chance meeting of a WW2 Submariner.

Season 7 Episode 42 – DiverSync NetCast – Cooper and Mackinac

Rich talks about the Cooper River and then Mackinac Island!

Season 7 Episode 41 – DiverSync NetCast – Pumpkin Carving

Rich talks about changes to the cooper river trip, an epic weekend of diving, underwater pumpkin carving with family and some upcoming other stuff.

Season 7 Episode 40 – DiverSync NetCast – Facebook “Fact”

Rich talks about teaching this weekend and some facebook misinformation that many people believed to be fact. People making up standards for their own agendas.

Season 7 Episode 39 – DiverSync NetCast – More IDC

Rich talks about the instructor development course that he taught this past week

Season 7 Episode 38 – DiverSync NetCast – Instructor Interview

Rich talks about an article online about interviewing your technical instructor. He also talks about the support your dive center has that you may not be taking advantage of.