Amazing Visibility, Unique Wrecks, Awesome People – January Michigan Diving

Season 8 Episode 5

Rich had a great weekend of diving and reuniting with old friends.   The diving was spectacular and the conversations…. epic.   He had an opportunity to use the Garmin Descent MK1 in Open water on a trimix dive and that was awesome too.   Hear the story in this longer than usual podcast.

Happy New Year! Back from South Carolina and unexpected surprises

Season 8 Episode 1

Rich is back from South Carolina early due in part to the colder temperatures at home and some unexpected things happening.  He talks  about how being unprepared for ice diving in the winter can keep you from diving at your expected time and he talks about the lack of headway on the new sound format for the show.

Meeting new divers, Tec40CCR Course and Shark attack

Season 7 Episode 50

Rich talks about meeting a fan of the podcast in the store and talks about a Prism2 Class he started this week and diving he did at White Star Quarry to prepare for an upcoming course he is taking.   Rich also talks about the difference of being new at something in diving.  He also talks about a sensational video he found on Facebook.