Welcome to the Not-So-Glamorous side of Diving!

Season 8 Episode 23

Rich talks about the not so glamorous side of business ownership, when the process becomes more like “a job.”  Rich also talks about the changes that happen and go alone with breaking in new captains with new charter boats.  Rich also talks about things to come and some of the upcoming trips he now has openings for.

Meg Ledge North Carolina Trip and a discussion of watches

Season 8 Episode 22

Rich talks about his trip to Meg Ledge and the surrounding area in North Carolina, talks about the surprise trip to the mountains afterwards and the week he has had. Rich finishes up with a comparison of the new Teric Dive computer by Shearwater Research and the Garmin Descent Mk1 that he has been wearing for two months or so.

From the Island of Utila in Honduras

Season 8 Episode 18

Rich did a brief recording on the Island of Utila that describes a little about the internet, first impressions of the island and some other things.  He was not well when the recording was made and it almost was not published.  Island internet was very poor so uploading it down there would not have been possible.  Look to Episode 19 for a more detailed program.

Tec 40 Week and Getting ready for more diving

Season 8 Episode 17

Rich talks about the past week teaching the tec programs in a 6 day format along with the awesomeness that came from collaborating with another dive shop owner/course director on how to make his teaching style better and improvements that he can make to his shop.  RIch also talked about getting White star up and running for the new season and the trials and tribulations for that.  He also talks about his upcoming trip to Utila.

Cooper River and a Book Review –

Season 8 Episode 16

Rich just got back from the Cooper River Trip and reviews a book he listened to on the way down.  The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols had a lot of information about the challenges experts have with people who do not do their own research. Rich talks about how that relates to diving and what he is trying to do in his own life. He also talks about the Cooper River Dives and laments on how there are so many of his peers retiring and not leaving any aspect of their business for future Generations.