Rich’s Birthday, Standards Discussion, Tec 45 update, family interruptions

Season 8, Episode 37

Rich starts this podcast on his birthday and in the middle of it gets interrupted by house guests arriving early.  Finishing it the next day, Rich talks more about how people interpret standards in a way that may be detrimental to the learning of the skills.  He also talks about his upcoming classes and the stuff that he is doing this next week! Primer for IDC and more.

Gas Planning, Fat Diver Challenge Ends

Season 8 Episode 35

Rich talks about the end of this round of the Fat Diver Challenge.  It seems that sharks don’t kill divers, cheeseburgers do, so we need to start taking better care of ourselves.    Rich also talks about how we should continue taking better care of ourselves as we journey through our every day lives.   At the request of a listener, Rich talks about gas planning and how we can all do a better job of realizing what gas consumption we are using.

When things go wrong, go to Plan B – Diving Presque Isle and the Straits of Mackinac

Season 8 Episode 34

Rich went for a five day expedition to the upper/lower Penninsula of Michigan to technical dive on the shipwrecks of Presque Isle and then to continue on to Dive the shipwrecks of Alpena.  Boat problems and weather issues changed some things moving one of the charters to the Straits of Mackinac.  Rich tells the story of awesome wreck diving and new friends found on the trip!

The Challenge Begins, Finding lost stuff, Isle Royale

Season 8, Episode 31

Rich is back from Isle Royale and today marks the start of the Fat Diver Challenge.  Rich talks about the challenge and how to participate as well as the new boat in Isle Royale,  he chats about his upcoming schedule of events and he shares an article about a Wallet lost 28 years ago reunited with its owner.

Women’s Dive Day, Normalisation of Deviance, Prepping for Isle Royal National Park

Season 8 Episode 29

Rich spent last weekend at White Star Quarry participating in the Women’s Dive Day Fundraiser benefiting the Women Divers Hall of Fame Scholarship fund!  He talked a lot about packing for Isle Royale and getting the dive shop ready and then launched into a revisit of the Normalisation of Deviance where he explains how it becomes a problem to divers.