Amazing vis at White Star! Gear Review Garmin Virb Edit

Season 8 Episode 50

Rich went diving at White Star to some incredible visibility! He talks about the sale at his store and offers some of the closeouts to you.  Rich also talks about the Garmin Virb Edit software that came with his Virb Ultra 30.  Finally Rich looks towards 2019 and Season 9 of this podcast looking for ideas and suggestions for changes. 

More about DEMA and new diving technology

Season 8 Episode 48

Rich chats more about DEMA telling a story about the Prism 2 Seminar he attended and the speeches by the cave rescuers from the Thai Soccer Team incident.  He also spends time talking about the new products that he saw at DEMA that were representative of super cool stuff coming in technology. RIch talks about his meetings this week with Garmin and Atomic.  He also spent time talking about his awesome weekend of CCR diving.

Back from DEMA, New Products, Trip to the Desert

Season 8 Episode 47

Rich is back from DEMA in part one of what will become a two part story about the trip to Las Vegas.  Rich chats about new products, about the PADI CD Update and the directions that the industry is taking.  Rich also talks about a trip out to Lake Mead to check out the Echo Bay resort to find it high and dry at the top of a mountain now.

Prism 2 training, 2400 year old shipwreck, River Diving season

Season 8 Episode 43

Rich talks about his upcoming Prism 2 course. He also talks about his upcoming schedule of trips for 2019.  He discusses an article about Oldest intact shipwreck recently found in the Black Sea.  This 2400 year old amazing find is discussed with his love of shipwrecks.  River diving season just around the corner and Rich talks about the upcoming dives he has planned.