Prism 2 training, 2400 year old shipwreck, River Diving season

Season 8 Episode 43

Rich talks about his upcoming Prism 2 course. He also talks about his upcoming schedule of trips for 2019.  He discusses an article about Oldest intact shipwreck recently found in the Black Sea.  This 2400 year old amazing find is discussed with his love of shipwrecks.  River diving season just around the corner and Rich talks about the upcoming dives he has planned.

Good Instructor vs Great Instructor

Season 8 Episode 40

Rich talks about his past week teaching the PADI IDC and some of the things that were discussed there.  He also talks about some of the articles that were posted on the DiverSync Facebook page.  Rich chats about how things change in diving instruction similar to the things that change in other diving related.

Rich’s Birthday, Standards Discussion, Tec 45 update, family interruptions

Season 8, Episode 37

Rich starts this podcast on his birthday and in the middle of it gets interrupted by house guests arriving early.  Finishing it the next day, Rich talks more about how people interpret standards in a way that may be detrimental to the learning of the skills.  He also talks about his upcoming classes and the stuff that he is doing this next week! Primer for IDC and more.