Fourth of July, Diving with your kids, motivation to become healthier

Season 8 Episode 27

Rich spends some time talking about his busy weekend and the fun he had diving with children on the Fourth of July.  Rich also talks about watching the fireworks from the deck of a 100+ year old Great Lakes Freighter with his family.  Rich spends some time talking about a weight loss motivator in contest that gets you a few new t shirts.   Rich also talks about supporting the store and the instructor that you are planning on taking your training from and travelling with.

The Ferries, My PADI Club and Rough Weather Diving

Season 8 Episode 26

Rich talks about the diving he did this weekend on a “Unicorn”  The wrecks of the McPhail and the Curran are two ferries that sank together in Lake Huron near the Thumb of Michigan.  Rich also talks about the choices we have to make when going diving in rough weather.   Rich had a visit from some PADI bigwigs this week and he chats about that as well.

Welcome to the Not-So-Glamorous side of Diving!

Season 8 Episode 23

Rich talks about the not so glamorous side of business ownership, when the process becomes more like “a job.”  Rich also talks about the changes that happen and go alone with breaking in new captains with new charter boats.  Rich also talks about things to come and some of the upcoming trips he now has openings for.

Meg Ledge North Carolina Trip and a discussion of watches

Season 8 Episode 22

Rich talks about his trip to Meg Ledge and the surrounding area in North Carolina, talks about the surprise trip to the mountains afterwards and the week he has had. Rich finishes up with a comparison of the new Teric Dive computer by Shearwater Research and the Garmin Descent Mk1 that he has been wearing for two months or so.